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  • Multi-Level Snakes & Ladders - a colorful modern take on a classic game. Land on a ladder to climb levels, or a snake and slide through tunnels to a lower level. Fun family game with 5 unique levels!

    Multi-Level Snakes & Ladders - a one-of-a-kind classic game featuring a new twist.  
    Ascend 5 different levels to win the game using hidden paths and clever game play.
    Be the first player to reach space 100 at the top of the board and win the game!

    Across the world, generations of families have enjoyed playing Snakes & Ladders. 
    In this fantastic version, climb your way up the ladders to the next level, but beware… land on a snake and you'll fall through a bottomless bucket and drop back down! 

    The set comes as an easy-to-build flat pack with full color illustrated instructions. 
    Set can also be taken apart and stored in the box. 

    Assembled dimensions are ~16" x 15" x 9" - impressive and exciting for kids and adults!