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  • Pandemonium - Race Your Opponent To Recreate The Images. Work fast and don't panic! Multicolored 2 player or team family game that's fun for everyone. Uses hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness.

    Pandemonium - a game of speed, clarity, and a test of calmness.

    It's an extraordinary family game, brilliantly conceived, and incredibly simple. 
    To win, you will need to think at speed whilst distinguishing between shapes, colours and orientations…. just DON'T PANIC!

    Each of the tiles can be positioned either way, up/down or in any rotation.. and the interlocking notches on the side will confuse you further. 
    It all looks incredibly easy... until you try to complete the challenge at speed!

    Game can be played by 2 players or teams. The first to complete 2 puzzles is the winner! 

    Packaged in a compact cubed box, its easy to store, requires no assembly, and is perfect to bring along for travel.