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  • Rock And Roll It - Studio Drum. Flexible, Completely Portable, rechargeable battery (included) OR USB powered drum Attached speaker + 2 Drum Sticks + Bass Drum & Hi hat pedals included!

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    Rock out, then roll it up! 

    Award winning, flexible, completely portable professional drum by MukikiM - includes attached speaker, 2 drum sticks + 2 pedals. 


    ♫Multiple Drum Tones

    ♫Professional Demo Songs

    ♫Numerous Instrumental Tracks

    ♫Record & Playback

    ♫Audio In/Out w/auxiliary capabilities

    ♫Attached speaker

    ♫Connects to MP3 players!

    ♫Mini compatible - connect and record into your computer!  Use with Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Ezdrummer, major sequencer software, VST/VSTi, and many MIDI drum kit games. 

    ♫Raised pads for realistic feel

    ♫Powered by included rechargeable battery or USB (cord included!)

    ♫Completely portable - take it with you and play ANYWHERE!

    ♫Power saving mode activates when not in use

    ♫Realistic Sounds


    ♫Drum Size (open): 11.5" x 18.75" x 2.5"

    ♫Rolls up into a box sized: 12" x 19.25" x 3"

    ♫Materials: Silicone, plastic

    ♫Batteries needed: 1x Lithium Rechargeable Battery (included)

    Package Includes:

    ♫1-Drum w/attached speaker

    ♫1-48" USB power cord (wall plug not included)

    ♫1-24" 3.5mm male-to-male audio adapter cable

    ♫2-Drum Sticks

    ♫2-Foot Pedals (1 for bass drum + 1 for hi-hat) 

    ♫1-Lithium Rechargeable Battery

    ♫1-User Manual

    Notes for usage:

    ♫Due to the soft silicone that the drum is made of, there are times when compound sounds are produced due to cross-feedback or vibrations registering on adjacent pads. This is normal for such devices and is not indicate a faulty or malfunctioning product.

    ♫Recommended for everyone ages 6+