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  • Rock And Roll It - Bongos

    Rock and Roll It - Bongos is an electronic hand drum pad that is flexible, portable, and easily to travel with. Take it with you to play anywhere!
    * Powered by USB (cord included) or Battery (AAA batteries X2). Easily to rock out and roll it back and put it in your bag or in the box after playing. 
    * Unique pad design mimics real bongos. Realistic drum sound styles and corresponds low/high tom coro and low/high tom edge to bongos’ drum head and rims
    * 4 different drum sound styles (bongo, conga, tabla, and drum kit) + 8 demo songs + 5 rhythms installed that you can play the bongo pad in multiple ways
    * Multiple functions include built-in speaker, audio input/output, record/playback, volume and speed control keys. Allow you to connect the audio input from the phone, computer, MP3… and connect the audio output to your headphone or external speaker
    * These electronic bongo drums allow beginners to masters and all ages to enjoy the beat and join the rhythm by striking the pad with your favorite music

    The Box Includes:
    * Electronic bongos 1X
    * 3.5mm male to male 1X
    * Power adapter cord 1X
    * Operating instruction 1X

    * Turn the volume of the bongos down before connecting headphones
    * The bongos will enter sleep mode when there is no playing for 1 minute. Hit any pad to wake it up
    * The volume of the audio input should be controlled on your device
    * Do not use near strong radio waves
    * When rolling up the bongos, do not try to roll it very tight
    * Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision
    * Recommended Ages: 6+