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  • Face To Face – 60 Multi-Level Puzzle Game.

    Face To Face is a well-made puzzle game with multiple colors and cute face expressions, a design that you will love!
    • Features 60 multi-level challenges
    • Each challenge is graded by colored lines (Orange for Beginners, Green for Intermediate, and Blue for Expert)
    • Play solo, or race an opponent to win the challenges
    • Promotes lateral thinking, visual perception,  problem solving, and sequencing training

    How to Play:
    • Each player requires a complete set of 6 different cubes
    • Select a challenge from the 60 graded challenge cards
    • RACE TIME! Each player has to build the image shown on the challenge card and correctly position all of the cube faces and colors
    • Remember! In any row or column, the faces Or the colors must match, and where two cubes meet at an angle, either the color or the faces must be the same. If a face on a cube is shown on the challenge card in grey, the face will be correct, but you will need to work out the color; if a circle is shown colored but without a face, the color will be correct, but you will need to work out the face
    • The first player to win 3 challenges wins

    The box includes:
    • 6 different cubes 2X
    • 30 double-sided challenges cards 1X
    • Playbook 1X

    Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts 
    Recommended Ages: 8+